Oregon Coast – Ghostly Rocks of Crab Harbor

I’ve recently arrived to my new home in Portland, Oregon and the first free weekend I get I take my car to the coast in order to gaze across the mighty Pacific. However, things were not the same as they were in Portland. Instead of a blue horizon, I am greeted with a heavy fog. I thought all was awash (wish I had a better pun for this) until I drove a little ways north and past the rock formations near Crab Harbor.

After seeing the rocks from the road I immediately flipped the car around the first clearing I could get.

Clamoring down the slippery wet rocky embankment, trying to not break my neck or camera, I made to the rocky shore. Thankfully it was low tide (seems to be my luck) and I could make my way out to the rocks.

Tillered boats zip around in the heavy fog. I had to enhance this shot to make it a bit more visible.

The composition, along with the fog, was incredible. So much depth.

The hardest part was finding the perfect composition. I like this mixture of close up rocks and foggy pillars in the background.

The pulsing waters edge fades to nothing.

A seagull swims about looking for low tide scraps.

By now I’ve headed south and made my way around the three main pillars.

I was having a lot of fun playing around in the fog and rocks, until these bored kids showed up looking for some stupid treasure.

I was headed back home when a little further south of Crab Harbor I hopped out to take one last shot. From this shore bank you can start to make out the other side of the bay.


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