Oregon Coast – Shore Acres State Park

Located off of US 101, about 13 mi. South West of Coos Bay is Shore Acres State Park.

Most of the coastline consists of sandstone cliffs with the occasional secluded cove tucked in. One of the best things about this State Park is that there is a trail that skirts along the cliffs edge, enabling you to get some rather remarkable views. Unfortunately, our day was a little rainy, but we still made the best of it.

Seagulls nesting in the sandstone cliffs.

One of the more intriguing features along the cliffs are all the remarkable erosion patterns in the stone.

Some of the tide pools along the cliffs edge had quite a bit of plant life growing in them.

From this shot, you can see the fence for the coastal trail.

Following the trail south takes you to the hidden bay.

But in order to get down to it, you need to cut through the forest.

After the hidden bay, the trail kicks back into the forest for a little while.

But, it spits you back out onto the coast in no time.

Oh, and here is a snail I found on our way back to the car.

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