A recent transplant from South Florida, I came to the Pacific Northwest in search of new adventures and challenges. While I do miss my family, friends, and playing in the swamps of the Everglades. I make up for it with trips to the Pacific coast on sunny days and hiking up any mountain path I come across.

If I could find a way to spend all my time outdoors I would. With my main passion being kayaking, I am a bit limited with both the seasons and the distance between me and the coast. If the Pacific wasn’t so damn cold, I would be enjoying a bit of surfing as well. I just tend to lose all feeling in my toes, and that’s no fun. So until I get a bit thicker skin, I will be content being inside a dry vessel or clamoring up and down the cliffs edge at low tide looking for that next shot.

So where am I going? Who knows. I’ve only recently started to define my vision. It’s taken over 15 years behind the camera to get this far and I feel as if I’ve only began to start to scratch the surface. Everyday I have to reassess who I am and why I am shooting. And hopefully, when the session’s done, I’ve captured something captivating not only for me, but you as well.

So I invite you to stick around and see where all this takes me. I am sure it’s going to be one hell of a ride…hell…it already has. And if you have some input on my shots or adventure blog, I am always more than happy to hear it!

If you’re a bit more interested in my professional bio, head on over to my portfolio site alphateck where you can get all the nitty gritty details on my entire creative career to date.