The Great Australian Adventure of 2017

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Three weeks exploring South East Australia and Far North Queensland.

Jen and I spent three weeks in Australia, visiting as much of the eastern coast as we could. We started by seeing the sights in Sydney. Then flew north to Port Douglas to summit a mountain in the world’s oldest rainforest and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Then flew south to Melbourne to rent a campervan and drive the Great Ocean Road. Flew back up to Sydney and caught a train out to Katoomba to backpack the Blue Mountains. And then finished the trip on the outskirts of Sydney at the old Quarantine site in Manly Beach.

Instead of making everyone wait and writing up multiple blogs, I am just going to dump all the decent photos I have into this post. I ended up with +700 photos from the trip and have distilled them down to a mere 123 photos. So grab a drink and have a nice scroll through the photos!

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Backpacking the Enchantments – Snow Zone and Summiting Little Annapurna

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Backpacking the Enchantments during larch season and summiting Little Annapurna, Washington

On our previous, and first trip to the Enchantments, we visited during the beginning of the summer and stayed in the Stuart zone. This year we were able to get a better location and Jen scored a permit for the Snow zone during the fall season. Our visit was timed to coincide with the changing of colors that the larches undergo as fall gives way to winter.  And in addition to viewing of the larches, there were a couple summits we wanted to check off our list, Little Annapurna and Dragontail Peak.

So join us, and our Florida friend, as we embark on another multi-night backpacking adventure in lovely Washington state!

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Backpacking La Push, WA – From Third Beach to Toleak Point

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Backpacking La Push, WA – From Third Beach to Toleak Point

Easter weekend was quickly approaching and I had yet to plan anything. Taking a look at the weather revealed that once again we would have two days of pure sunshine. Last weekend I did some camping on San Juan Island. So this time I wanted to kick things up a notch and do some backpacking along the coast at La Push in the Olympic National Park.

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