Kayaking Florida – Keewaydin Island, Naples (Round 2)


  • Robin Lurie says:

    I am going next month kayaking near Marco Island. How do you get to a launch to go to KeewaydenIsland? Your photos are yummy.


    • neeko says:

      Thanks Robin.

      I always launch from 32nd Ave South in Naples FL and then make the paddle down to the north end of the island. You can also put in at Rookery Bay, there is a road called “Shell Island Road” on your way to Marco which leads to a launch. Finally, there might be a launch in Isle of Capri, but I cannot confirm that. Otherwise, you could launch from Tigertail beach on Marco, but that might be a bit of a paddle north towards the island.

      In summary, the easiest and most direct path might be the one from 32nd Ave S.

      Good luck!

  • Karel says:

    Wow, beautiful pics! I would love to paddle there as well, not sure about my skills though. Is it an easy route from the 32nd Ave?

    • nick says:

      It’s rather easy, about a 30 minute paddle to Gordons River. Just be careful crossing the pass. Boats go through there a little fast. After that, it’s about 15 more minutes until you can get out of the kayak and walk around on public beach.

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